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Bahr Industries LLC "Inexpensive, Quality Service since 1996"®

 Bahr Industries LLC,  Firearm Classes:


We are authorized to instruct the following: Minnesota , Wisconsin (*resident only), Florida, Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Arizona


When you take our Minnesota Permit to carry class, Our certificate program includes certificates for your choice of MN, FL, WI* VA, AZ, ME, NH

We have determined your best bet for maximum coverage at the lowest cost is Minnesota + Florida


Go to the Carry Permit page --> HERE  (Fee Includes Range, & Gun)


Want to do your Bahr Industries LLC Permit to carry course online?  ---> (online Classes here)

No Hidden Fees for RANGE, Pistol Rental Etc. We Provide the Pistol, you Provide $50 and a box of .22lr Ammo... It's that simple! 


Expand your Permit To carry reciprocity course: HERE  2.5 - 3 hour class. Includes a in Class video and range portion $50 gets you your choice of any/all of the following state permits.   FL, VA, AZ, ME, NH.     - Remember these are included permits with your Bahr Industries LLC, Minnesota Permit to carry course.


Firearm Transfers

Go to my Transfers page:

I will receive transfers from FFL Dealers, for you to pick up ($25)

I will Ship Firearms to another party on your behalf ($25 over shipping cost)


* I accept transfers from dealers you find. ($25)


Gunsmith Services & Firearm Repair

Bahr Industries offers Firearm Repair, [HERE]

• Cleaning Services

• Parts Replacing & Diagnosis

• AR-15 platform building.

• And much more.


Coming in 2018  •Re-Barreling   •Bluing/Parkerizing  •Stock Work  


Winter Services

Snow/ ICE and Roof Rake Page ---> HERE

Summer Services

Lawn Care (lawn raking/ weed whipping etc.) Page ----> HERE


FIREWOOD & Chain Saw Work

Firewood and Chain Saw work ----> HERE

Have brush/hedges you would like removed? HERE

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing Services ----> Here


Emergency Generator Services

Generator Rental services ----> HERE


Military Surplus Sales

Military Surplus Sales HERE (Coming Back Again)



Specials --> HERE


 Were you given one of these cards?  HERE



Need help Moving? HERE


Trash & Recycling Service

We are NOT a trash company. If you have alot of trash the trash man won't take, giv us a call.  We Can Help HERE

Have Scrap Metal that needs to go?  HERE

Have Appliances you need hauled off? HERE

Have brush you need hauled off to the dump? HERE



 My M35A2 "Duce and A Half" Truck.


President's Corner HERE

Employee Directory/Employment


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Call or TEXT: (Cell) 218-242-1698 or (work) 320-438-5881

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