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My Everyday Normal Permit to Carry Rate $100/ Ea.


Receive $5 off per person you bring to this Permit to Carry class. Earn up to 50% off. 


Veterans with documentation of Service, will receive $10 off their class.






Firearm Sales

Firearm Sales $20 over cost*

* This applies to firearms which you order from online, for example buds gun shop, or elsewhere. here

* Firearms which we SPECIAL order in for you, will need to have 50% down, and 50% on receipt, plus the transfer fee of $25.

If you choose to return the firearm, you agree to pay all return shipping fees and Restocking fees. We still get our initial transfer Fee, and return Transfer Fee. [$50 total]

$20 transfers - Mention this Add/ Print  to receive the deal... 

Places that Qualify:


Veterans: $20 Firearm Transfers.




This Page if for Customers of Bahr Industries LLC. This is for a card issued,  in International Falls, after 1-1-2017.

Do you have a card like this?


Here are some very important rules regarding this card.


• This card is Non-Transferable

• This card must be given to another student taking the Bahr Industries LLC Permit to carry course during the year of 2017.

• This Card cannot be given to Bahr Industries LLC, in conjunction to any other discounts.


• When a customer for P2C course shows up and gives us this card, we will mail the person who's name and address is on this card a check for the amount shown on the card.

• No alterations to this card will be accepted and will VOID the card.

• This card is NOT A CUPON and has NO CASH VALUE. It is however an incentive program to get you to bring your friends in for a class.



Veterans: $20 Firearm Transfers (Normally $30 over cost)

Veterans: Always get the lowest price on permit to carry class. (even when the class classmates are charged higher)

Veterans: Let me know you are a veteran when I estimate your Lawn Care Job

Veterans: Firewood: Get 10% off Firewood

Veterans: Get 10% off Snow Removal Estimates

Veterans: Get 10% Lawn Care

Veterans: Get 10% off Roof Rake

Veterans: Get Free Salting Services, when you do the basic Snow Removal package.

Veterans: Reduced charge for additional Ice Removal. 

Veterans: 10% off firearm Cleaning.

Veterans: A One-time Free estimate for Lawn or Snow work.



 Thank You,


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International Falls, MN 56649


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