Unfortunately this section/Page is under construction & Awaiting a formal store front.


We are looking for a suitable storefront. We hope to be in operation by 2020.


• Full Gunsmithing Services


• Machine shop - Taking on small machining projects [Lathe & Mill]


Gunshop - offering military surplus firearms & Ammunition


You may still mail order firearms with us HERE


• Full Military Surplus line, combining the Past and the modern. [Have storage sheds full of the 'classics' just need the storefront]


• Check out rothco.com to see the stuff we can order. If you had a list of the items/ Sizes and Quantities you wish to purchase I could order the items and drop ship them to your door. There would only be a 10% mark-up on Wholesale pricing.


• If you have other surplus inquiries, please give a text or call 218-242-1698; I have lots of surplus in storage.


• I can get military Surplus ammo cheap - please email inquiries or see www.bahrindustries.com/transfers.html  We recommend aim Surplus for Ammunition.

Military Medals: Restricted Sales:

According to the "Stolen Valor Act of 1999",  it is illegal to represent yourself as being awarded any military medal (Wearing or Displaying, and in some cases purchasing it) if you have not been officially awarded said medal, by the Dept of Defense. 

* I Am Trying to Clean up some "Older Military Surplus Items" To make Room and Generate Income for my 

Gunsmithing Business, and to Generate Income for my "New School" Military Surplus. 


I Can order Most any current military gear, I would have to check with my suppliers. 




Bahr Industries LLC

1306 Main Ave.

International Falls, MN 56649