We have a limited number of firearms on hand for sale.

Bahr Industries does Gunsmithing (HERE)

We deal with a number of places across the web to get you great prices on Firearms.

I will handle your transfer for $30 over cost

 Free Gun Manuals Here

 Accumounts, MI -

 Adams Guns, NM -

 AIM Surplus, OH -

 Allan's Armory, FL -

 Allegheny Arsenal Inc, PA -

 Arm Chair Gun Show -

 Bolt Man - Boltman.html

 Buffalo Arms, ID -

 Pat Burns (Formerly Burns Bros), NY -

 BuyMilSurp, FL -

 CMP Sales, AL & OH -

 Centerfire Systems Arms, KY -

 Century Arms, FL -

 Checkpoint Charlie's, WI -

 Classic Arms, NC -

 Clear View Investments, KY -

 Collectible Firearms & Edged Weapons, VA-

 Collector Firearms (RANDALL M. BESSLER, L.L.C) - NV

 Collectors Firearms - TX

 Down East Antiques, NH -

 Scott Duff, PA -

 Empire Arms, FL -

 FGS, Inc, OH -

 Florida Gun Works, FL -

 Fulton Armory, MD -

 Georgia Arms, GA -

 Global Military Gunsmithing, MI -

 Great Southern Arms, MS -

 Hallowell & Co, MT -

 Hoosier Gun Works, KY -

 Horst Held Antiqque Handguns, TX -

 Impact Guns, UT -

 Inter Ordnance (I.O. Inc), NC -

 International Military Antiques , NJ -

 J&G Sales , AZ -

 Jackson Armory, TX -

 K-Var, NV -

 Keepshooting, MD -

 KY Imports, KY -

 MCS Firearms, IL -

 Military Gun Supply, TX -

 Military Shooters, WI -

 Miltech, CA -

 Mitchell Military Arms & Ammo, NV -

 Mitchell's Mausers, CA -

 Ocola Armory, FL -

 Old Guns, UT -

 Old Wester Scrounger, WV -

 Orion 7 Enterprises, NY -

 Phoenix Investment Arms, NC -

 R&R Arms, MN -

 RCArms, MN -

 R Guns, IL -

 Samco Global Arms Inc, FL -

 Sarco Inc, NJ -

* I shy away from them, Parts come worse than those your Replacing, and Bent Receivers, No Warranties. 

 Simpson Ltd (Collectors Firearms), IL -

 SMS Guns, CT -

 Southern Ohio Gun Distributors, OH -

* I shy away from them. (hidden fees, etc)

 Surplus Firearms, FL -

 Tennesse Gun Parts, TN -

 TG International, TN -

 The Armory, VA -

 The Garand Guy, NJ -

 Treasure Hunt Arms, LA -

 Trinity Arms, MI -

 World of Lugers, AZ -

 A1 Ammo, MN -

 Ammo Depot, IL - (Discount Distributors), NJ -

 Ammunition To Go -

 Apex Gun Parts, CO -

 Brownells, IA -

 CDNN Investments (Target Sports), TX -

 Cheaper Than Dirt, TX -

*I Won't Deal with them = Shady

 Cliff's Gunsmithing, UT -

 Cole Distributing -

 Combat Optical - CA

 Cope's Distributing -

 Dan's Sporting Goods, PA -

 Dillon Precision, AZ -

 Florida Ammo Traders, FL -

 Graf & Sons, MO -

 Midway USA, TX -

 Natchez Shooting Supplies, TN -

 New Frontier Armory, NV -

 PackRats Collectibles, SC -

 ProAmmo, CT -

 Sportsman's Guide, MN -

 Auction Arms -

 GunBroker -

 GunsAmerica -

 Arms List -

* Personal Favorite 

 Old Western Scrounger

 Interstate Arms-

 Midwest Gun Works -

Copes Wholesale

 M&A Parts Inc. -

 ISO parts inc. -

 DSA arms -

 Bud's Gun Shop -

*Like Them

 Atlantic Firearms -

 Davidson'e - Gallery of Guns -

 Halo Mfg -

 Numrich Gun Parts -

 York Guns -

Baikal Gun Parts - Ordered here. 

 David Tubb - Firing Pins Etc.

 Ridgeway Hatcheries

 Dupage Trading LLC

 Chestnut Ridge Supply

 Bill Ricca Parts


 45 Mauser Rifle

 45 Mauser Conversion

*Go Screw In Barrel. 

 45 Mauser Tools

 Hunters Lodge

 Low Price Guns

 Loman Arms

 Valkyerie Arms

 Auto Ordnance

 Civillian Marksmanship Program


 Gun Bot

 Iver Johnson

 Ammo Seek - Don't get F***ed over by A$$holes screewing people

 Buffalo Arms

 Boyd's Gun Stocks

 Firearm Blueprints

 Firepower Unlimited

 Old Western Scrounger

 Winchester's Page

*not A Dealer

 Del-Ton Inc.


*Find Me Item # I Can usually find it.

 Able Ammo

 Gemini Stock Carver


 Galco Holsters

*Im A Dealer. Find me an Item #

 Shooting Industry Magazine

 Track of the Wolf

 Rockler - Woodworking Stocks Etc.

 Southern Ammo

 Impact Guns

 Ammo to go

 Military Shooters

 wholesale hunter

 Royal Tiger Imports

 SG ammo

 Bob's Gun Parts

 Wisner's Gun Parts

 Ruger Safety Announcements

 Gun Things   - M2 stuff

 Gary's Guns

 Tanks Rifle Shop - AR crap

 The Dealer Warehouse

 Jack First Parts

 Midwest Gun Works

 Dura Coat

 Blackhawk Holsters,16.htm

*I Deal through their Wholesaler. 

 Graff & Sons

 If you have not found your firearm above you can call me and i can search my Wholesale resources and find you my best price on the Firearm you need...

Again $30 over cost, for the transfer. 

On "Custom orders" I take payment of the firearm up front, when you pick up the firearm you are charged the Transfer fee, plus Tax on price of Firearm. 

You will need a MINNESOTA Permit to purchase (if handgun, or military style rifle, AR/AK ETC.) 

You will also need a State Issued ID Card.

You fill out the FEDERAL PAPERWORK, 

when you clear, you take the gun home.


If you have not found a firearm on the sights above, you might try the following:

picking up a "Shotgun news magazine" at a local retailer


Looking to sell a firearm?

We occasionally purchase firearms from Private Parties, Cash paid!


What about when you sell your gun to Somebody else?

I've got you covered there as well.

If your selling a gun, but don't know the buyer, 

(Legally you can't sell to a Felon, and would not want to anyhow)

Bring you, the gun and the Purchaser to the Shop.

I Receive the Firearm onto my books. (Acquisition) 

Then your BUYER, legally buys the gun From ME (Disposition)

The Buyer Gives Me the Transfer Fee, When He Clears N.I.C.S. (Background check)

He Leaves with the gun.

- What if he does not clear? -

Then You the Original Owner Will have to Do a N.I.C.S. Check onto yourself to get the Gun Back.

What if you Fail?

- Um yea, never had it happen. If your a Felon then why would you care about doing a LEGAL Transfer?

- I Would have to contact FBI/NICS, maybe find another Buyer and if/when it sells LEGALLY then you would get money for the gun? 

Again I would have to check if/when the situation arrises.



Who Can Buy A Gun Legally: HERE

Appeals Here


Please Drop us, an Email (Found Above), OR call us (218) 242-1698