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Minnesota Sheriff's Application     <--- Don't Quit there... Check out the rest of the Great Links we have... LAWS, Safe Handling, And More

List of Places in Minnesota Posted under MN 624.714 Section 17

50 State CCW Permits: <-- Review and need to know of all 50 states... amazing source.. GOOD FOR TRAVELERS!

 Use of Force: Better Explained: Mandatory See! & 10 Commandments of Conceal Carry    & Judicious Use of Force

Explanation of Certificates of Training you were given and how they translate to getting the permits below, See map directly Below

See Bottom Section of this Page reciprocity maps for all of the 50 States

Excellent Lawyer  Brian Toder 

Why it's Important to keep a training log <-- Here


Free copy of A Training log in PDF <--- Here

 Minnesota Only (resident)

$100 Primary, good 5 years

$75 Renewal, good 5 years

*Refresher Required every 5 yr.

Application HERE

 Florida Only (non-resident)

$112 Primary, good for 7 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.

Application HERE

*Must complete a NRA course or Refresher. 

 Virginia Only (non-resident)

$100 Primary, good for 5 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.


* No Refresher Required 

 Wisconsin Only (resident ONLY)

$40 Primary, good for 5 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.


 New Hampshire Only  (non-Resident)

$100 Primary, Good for 4 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.


*Must keep Home State To Apply.

Arizona Only (non-Resident)

$60 Primary, Good for 5 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.


*Must Complete a Recognized Course  

Maine Only  (non-Resident)

$35 Primary, Good for 4 years

$___ Renewal, good for ___ years.


*Must keep Home State Permit to Apply.

Connecticut Only (non-Resident)

$137 Primary, Good for 5 years


*Must Keep Home State To Apply. 

Pennsylvania Only (non-Resident)

$24 Primary, good for 5 years


*Must Apply in Person


Gun Owner's Legal Defense Network (The thing From Class) HERE <-- be sure to enter Bahr Industries in the Referral... 

9G Products Bio-Metric Safes:

 (Set-up of the Safe)

No Guns No Money



[MN]   Personal Protection ACT 2005 

[MN]   Transportation of Firearms 

[MN] Possession of Night Vision Devices 

[MN] Use and Possession of Firearms

[MN] Hunting Big Game By Archery  

[MN] Carry in Correctional Facility 

[MN] Authorized Use Of Force 

[MN] Justifiable Taking of Life 

[MN] Dangerous Weapons 


[MN] Shooting Victim Duty To Render Aid  


[MN] Terrorist Threats  

 [MN] Firearms Dealers; certain security measures required

[MN] Saturday Night Specials Prohibited; Penalty 

[MN] Carrying while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance 

[MN] Chemical Testing 

[MN] Rifles and Shotguns in Public Places 

[MN] Metal Penetrating Bullets 


[MN] Contraband Articles Forbidden 

[MN] NRA/ILA Gun Laws

 [MN/FL/WI] Gold'n - Gun Owners Legal Defense Network

 Ballistics Gelatin Tests 

[WI] D.O.J.  CCW Curriclum 

 [FL] Florida Department of Licensing 

 Isosceles Stance Explained

Modified Weaver Position Explained 

Weaver Shooting Stance Explained  

How to Assume a Low Ready Firing Position 

The Three Shooting Positions Explained 

Learn Push/Pull Tension for Shooting

 Stability Techniques on the Range

Range Safety Techniques 

Ruger MK I, II Pistol Disassembly, and Function 

How To Unload A MAC Style Pistol 

How To Unload an AK Style Rifle 

How To Unload A Tip-Up Taurus Type Pistol 

How to Unload A KAHR Pistol 

How To Unload a Beretta M9 

How To Unload a Semi Auto Taurus Pistol 

How To Unload A Ruger P95 Pistol 

How to UNLOAD a H&K semi Auto Pistol 

How To Unload a GLOCK pistol 

How to Unload a SIG pistol 

How to Unload a Double Action Revolver 

How To UNLOAD a Single-Action Revolver 

How To Unload The Ruger Mk I, II Pistol 

How To unload an AR-15 / Semi Auto Rifle 

How To unload an SKS Rifle 


How To unload a Lever Action Rifle 

How to Unload a Bolt-Action Rifle 

 How to Unload a Semi-Auto Shotgun

 How to Unload a Pump-Action Shotgun

How to unload a BREAK-Action Shotgun 

[BI] Ruger MKII on our range 

[BI] How to load and unload a Beretta M9 

 [BI] How to load and unload a            Glock 40

 [BI] How to load and unload a Heritage Arms Revolver

 [BI] How to load and unload a K-bar

[BI] How to load and unload a M1911

 [BI] How to load  Ruger MK I, II Magazine 

 [BI] How to load and unload a  Ruger Mk II pistol

[BI] How to load and unload a Ortgies Pistol

[BI] How to load and unload a S&W Revolver

 [BI] How to load and unload a Taurus 94 Pistol 

[BI] How to load and unload a Walther P22

Watch the Barrel Cylinder Gap 1

Watch the Barrel Cylinder Gap II 

[BI] Grantsberg WI Range Demo

[BI] Know your Limits 2013

 [BI] How to improperly Subdue your Attacker          

[BI] 100' dash 2013 

[BI] Pine City Range [Find 2 Errors] 

 [BI] How to Actually Subdue an Attacker until Police Arrive

[BI]  Road Rage





 [BI] Armed Attacker - too close 

[BI] Armed Attacker - Metal Pipe 

[BI] worst case scenario III 

 [BI] 10' Rapid Fire

[BI] 15' Standing 

[BI] 20' Crouch

[BI] 25' kneeling

[BI] 30' Sitting

[BI] 30' Prone

 [BI] 30' Sitting + Target

[BI] CCW Senario III 

[BI]  CCW scenario I

[BI] CCW scenario II 

 [BI] On the Ground - Better

[BI] On the Ground - FAIL 

 [BI] Dont Bullshit A Weapons Clearing


[BI] Range Safety Commands

[BI] How close is too Close I 

[BI] The Break In III

[BI] The Break in II 

[BI] Knowing your Limits II 

 [BI] Nothing Happened

[BI] Knowing your Limits 2011 

[FL] Florida Laws Rev 2013 

[FL] License Fees 

[FL] Check Status of Application Link 

 [FL] Electronic Fingerprints

[FL] Renewal training Documentation 

[FL] Replacement/Lost License 

[FL] Change Of Address 

[FL] Are you Eligible for FL CCW? 

[FL] Chapter 776 - Use of Force 

 [FL] Chapter 493

[FL] Get an Application 

[FL] Personalized CCW App 

[FL] CCW pamphlet 

[FL] Reciprocity Current 

Carry Concealed Apparel  

 Vehicle Holsters/Carry Options

Ankle Holsters 

Boot Holsters 

 Galco Holsters

Cheap Firearms (I do Transfers @ $25) 

Minnesota Concealed Carry Sheriffs Application 6/12 

Accuracy Chart (RH) 

Accuracy Chart (LH) 

How to Assume a Kneeling Stance 

How to Lay on back and shoot 

 How to Shoot One Handed

 Drawing Holster from "Strong side" hand

Muzzle Awareness 

 Foot Positioning

Small of the Back Holsters 


Drawing from support side holster (Cross Draw)

 Proper Arm and Hand Positioning

Ankle Holsters Explained 

 How to Grab your gun

 How to Re-Holster

Finger Placement with Pistols 

 Different Types of Holsters

How to draw a Pistol

Clothing Gun Holsters 

 Target Acquisition 

 Proper Arm Placement (drawing a pistol)

Under the Arm Holsters 

How To Engage a Target (While Advancing on it) 

How to Engage a target (While moving Rearward) 

 Shooting on the Move

 Wisconsin Carry Law

Wisconsin Fact Sheet [DOJ]  

 Wisc Fact Sheet [NRA]

Wisc Law [] 

Wisc CCW Application 

895.62 Use of Force [WI] 

939.48 self defense and defense of others [WI] 

 939.49 Defense of Property against Theft [WI]

Possession of Electronic Weapons [WI] 

 Machine Guns & Chemical Sprays [WI]

Chemical Weapons (mace etc.) [WI] 

Duty of Witness [WI]

 175.60 License to Carry [WI]

 175.49 Former Police Officers CCW [WI]

 Carry in Public [WI]

School Zones  948.605 [WI]

924.291 Body Armor [WI] 

Reciprocity DOJ [WI] 

 Reciprocity Laws [MN]

Reciprocity Laws [FL] 

Reciprocity Laws [UT] 

 [FL] CH 790 "Weapons and Firearms" 

[FL] CH 776 "Justifiable use of Force" 






 [VA] CCW Application

[VA] Virginia Law Review 

[VA] Non resident CCW information

 [VA] non-resident checklist

[VA]  § 18.2-308.Carrying concealed weapons; exceptions; penalty.

[VA] § 18.2-283.1. Carrying weapon into courthouse 

[VA] carry in church 

 [VA] § 18.2-283. Carrying dangerous weapon to place of religious worship

[VA]  § 18.2-308.1:4. Purchase or transportation of firearm by persons subject to protective orders; penalty.

 [VA] § 18.2-287.01. Carrying weapon in air carrier airport terminal.

 [VA] § 15.2-915. Control of firearms; applicability to authorities and local governmental agencies.

 [VA] 4VAC15-40-120. Hog Island Wildlife Management Area; possession of loaded gun prohibited; exception.

 [VA] 4VAC15-40-140. Hunting, etc., prohibited on Buggs Island and certain waters of the Gaston Reservoir.

[VA] § 15.2-915. Control of firearms; applicability to authorities and local governmental agencies. 

 [VA] Virginia citizens defense league 

[VA] State Fire arm Laws: 18.2-279 thru 18.2-312 (google it)

[VA] State Knife Laws: 18.2-308 & 18.2-308.1 & 18.2-311 


 [VA] Chemical/Electric Weapons Laws: 18.2-308.1, 308.2. and 312 

 [VA] Body Armor Laws: § 18.2-287.2 & -288

How to handle a Pull-Over with your carry gun 

 [Use of force] Shoot to Live (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (Complete)

 What to do when Stopped by Police (Carry Concealed tips)

 Massad Ayoob Home Invasion

 Stand Your ground Laws Explained

Use of Deadly Force (1) (2) (3) (4)   

 Aftermath of a Shooting Massad Ayoob

Awareness Check 

Choosing the Right Ammunition for your Firearm 

 What you didnt learn in CCW Class 

Customs Border Patrol Evaluation of the .40 S&W

Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition (we talked about in class) 

 Hornady Critical Duty

 Zombie MAX

Corbon JHP 

Corbon Law Enforcement 

[NH] Carry Application

 [NH] Licensing Division

 [NH] LAW RSA159

 Carry Articles and Books List (INFORM YOURSELF)

[AZ] Dept of Licensing Fees

[AZ]  Law

[AZ] Renewal Application  

[AZ] Carry Section 

[AZ] Primary Application 

Use Certificate of Training (With instructor's NRA #)

 [CT] Law

 [CT] Non-Res Application 

Get CT on your Current Home State Permit

[CT] State Websight 

[ME] Application 

Get Maine on your DD214 & State CCW Licenses

[ME] Laws  

[NV] Application & reciprocity 

[NV] Laws

[NV] Application

*Apply in Person Only

 [PA] Law

 [PA] Application

*Apply In Person Only

The CCW Trap

[MN] BCA Reciprocity Details  




 To help when Traveling: All State Laws: Applications are Included within the Section under "How to apply"    (Instructions on what States I Offer and what you need to get them HERE)   "Yes" Refers to Which We Train For.

All of the Below are direct links to  



 Arizona (Use your Certificate)




 Connecticut (Copy of State CCW)


 Florida (Apply with Certificate)










 Maine (Copy of State CCW)




 Minnesota (Apply with Certificate)

 Mississippi (NO)




 Nevada (Apply in Person) 

 New Hampshire (Current State Permit) 

 New Jersey  

 New Mexico 

 New York

 North Carolina

 North Dakota




 Pennsylvania (Apply in Person) 

 Rhode Island 

 South Carolina 

 South Dakota 



*Anticipated Our Certificate will cover by 1-1-14


* Not the Golden Goose! 

* We are in the Process of determining a date to go get certified.


 Virginia (Use your Certificate) 

 Washington (In Person) 

 West Virginia 



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